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PDA Union: Boots' pledge to launch alternative representation is a distraction

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) and Boots have made their final pledges as ballot papers to decide how Boots pharmacists’ will be represented are sent out today.

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RT @davidreissner: Busy day. Up early today to finish latest @ChemistDruggist blog on composition of @TheGPhC then post news for @PLEA_UK on pharmacy law changes announced yesterday. Now on way to AIM Board followed by meeting to discuss new edition of Dale & Applebe's Pharmacy & #Medicines Law.

16 minutes ago

RT @MikeHewitson1: Spot on. #floornotceiling

1 hour ago

RT @blmerriman: @McKennaRuth @BrineMP @ChemistDruggist @PSNCNews So, had a skim through and it all sounds very promising. However, it doesn't deal with the elephant in the room that pharmacies are closing due to the indiscriminate reduction in funding that hasn't been corrected here...

1 hour ago

RT @tony_schofield: @cjarmstrong2 @PSNCNews That’s as may be. However we lost 2 big court cases and closures are still government policy. The original announcement was for bigger and deeper cuts after the original smash and grab. That hasn’t happened. Well done Simon Dukes. I reserve judgment on rest.

3 hours ago

RT @reeyah1: Probably being a bit melodramatic, but this was how I felt when I first read the funding agreement 😂.. they didn’t even give us another penny on the SAF! 🧐

3 hours ago