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The GPhC issued 36 enforcement actions over the supply of codeine linctus in the past year
The GPhC has issued a warning to a superintendent and responsible pharmacist regarding the supply of codeine linctus, while other related FtP investigations continue, it has said.
29/07/2021 0 News
The 2p increase follows a £16.3m per month reduction in category M reimbursement prices in July
Contractors in England will receive a single activity fee of £1.29 per item from next month, following the £49 million quarterly category M reduction in July, PSNC has said.
29/07/2021 0 News
Advanz Pharma and Cinven told C+D they will appeal the CMA’s decision
The CMA has slapped more than £100 million worth of fines on Advanz Pharma, HgCapital and Cinven after it concluded that the price of a thyroid drug was inflated by 1,110%.
29/07/2021 3 News
PSNC: The new tests should not be left to develop for more than 30 minutes
Pharmacies should exhaust their existing stock of Innova lateral flow test kits first when Alliance Healthcare starts delivering a new brand of rapid COVID-19 tests, PSNC has said.
28/07/2021 0 News
More pharmacies will be added to the service “on a rolling basis over the coming weeks”.
Sixteen community pharmacies in Northern Ireland have started offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the health minister has announced.
28/07/2021 0 News
GPs: "We do accept that our first poster was not worded as well as it might have been"
Some patients in Hampshire have allegedly cancelled their pharmacy flu jab bookings after a GP surgery warned of vaccine wastage if they did not book with them, C+D understands.
28/07/2021 11 News
Cumbria Police are investigating the incident and appealing for information on the suspect
The owner of Thomas Bell Pharmacy in Cumbria has praised the “outpouring of support” from the community after his pharmacy was vandalised with anti-vax graffiti.
27/07/2021 0 News
AIMp and PSNC are watching discussions between government and sector insurance providers
Pharmacies not being granted state indemnity insurance for COVID-19 vaccinations from November is “unfair” and “extraordinary”, sector bodies have said.
26/07/2021 2 News
A Gloucester pharmacist has been thanked for his “quick-thinking” and for potentially saving his colleague’s life after he correctly identified her as having a heart attack.
26/07/2021 1 News
The regulatory body has approved new standards for handling fitness-to-practise (FtP) cases. Lawyer Susan Hunneyball sets out what changes we can expect to see.
26/07/2021 0 Views
NHSE&I: "High degree of confidence" that parliament will approve ICS measures (Pic credit: CCA)
Integrated care systems (ICSs) may be responsible for the local commissioning of pharmacy services from April 2022 – following government approval – NHSE&I has confirmed.
23/07/2021 1 News
Pharmacist Graham Phillips at ProLongevity's headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire
What is the secret to living a long, healthy life? Pharmacist Graham Phillips, who won the 2020 C+D Health Initiative of the Year Award, dispenses his pills of wisdom
23/07/2021 0 Features
Superdrug was one of the first pharmacies to join the COVID-19 vaccination programme in January
Superdrug has attributed its 79% decline in pre-tax profit in 2020 to the “severe impact of the pandemic”, while its online pharmacy services grew 132% over the same period.
23/07/2021 0 News
A Hampshire-based LPC is investigating its chair after claims of discriminatory and potentially racist behaviours were lodged by a member of the committee, C+D has learned.
23/07/2021 1 News
Anxiety sufferers can use the consultation rooms to contact a support service or talk to a friend
Well has opened its consultation rooms as “comfort zones” for anyone who feels overwhelmed after the loosening of social distancing restrictions on July 19.
22/07/2021 3 News
How should you prepare for pharmacokinetic (PK) and estimation of kidney function (EKF) calculation questions in the upcoming General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) exams?
22/07/2021 0 Features
The MHRA has also been reconsidering the use of valproate to treat bipolar disorders
The MHRA is planning to consult on introducing a legal requirement for pharmacists to supply sodium valproate in its original pack in a bid to support its safe use, the DH said.
22/07/2021 4 News
Refresh your knowledge on the laws and regulations associated with storing and dispensing controlled drugs
22/07/2021 0 CPD
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is using TV and video advertising to promote the new formulation of its Sensodyne Repair & Protect Deep Repair toothpaste.
22/07/2021 0 News
Registrants submitting revalidation records between May 1 and November 30 2021 will only need to submit a reflective account when renewing registration
22/07/2021 0 Features
"The ‘Hey’ reinforces the familiar, friendly, and human connection expert health professionals bring"
Rowlands’ owner Phoenix UK has rebranded the Co-op Health digital platform to “Hey Pharmacist”, as it outlines ambitions for a new app and a collection and delivery service.
21/07/2021 8 News
"We're seeing operators coming back to the market, recognising pharmacy's potential"
From the “flurry” of merger and acquisitions, to the increasing emergence of the “bricks-and-clicks” pharmacy – this C+D podcast considers how the sector performed during COVID-19
21/07/2021 0 Features
Both Epiris and Aurelius declined a request from C+D to comment on market rumours
Three financial investors are reportedly tabling formal bids for Lloydspharmacy this week, as its American owner is allegedly planning its retreat.
21/07/2021 2 News
Body cams were trialled across a small group of pharmacies in Birmingham at the beginning of 2021
Boots pharmacists and retail staff now wear body cams in more than 60 branches, as the multiple is concerned with the rise in “violence and abuse”, C+D can reveal.
21/07/2021 7 News
Simon Dukes will remain in post until the end of September, according to PSNC
PSNC has already started the recruitment process to appoint a new CEO, following Simon Dukes’s resignation from the role, it has announced.
20/07/2021 11 News
A recent hit-piece by a GP showed some doctors need a real attitude adjustment when it comes to pharmacy if we are ever going to work well together, says pharmacist Tom Wilde.
20/07/2021 6 Views
Healthcare staff in England can avoid self-isolation if they have had two doses of COVID-19 vaccine and their absence could lead to a “significant risk of harm”, the DH has said.
20/07/2021 0 News
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) president has called for women’s health to be covered as a part of pharmacists’ undergraduate training, in a push for equal healthcare.
20/07/2021 1 News
NHSE&I's uptake ambition for the 50-64 cohort for the 2021/22 flu season is at least 75%
The DH, NHSE&I and PHE are preparing for the 2021/22 national flu programme to be the “most comprehensive” to date, as the influenza impact could be up to 50% greater.
19/07/2021 0 News
Patients can use GOPO® Joint Health Plus Ginger as a supplement to look after their long-term joint health, according to manufacturer GR Lanes Health.
19/07/2021 0 News
Pharmacist Kamran Khan said he put the patient in the recovery position after he collapsed
A Dudley pharmacist has described a “traumatic experience” where he helped a “really aggressive” patient when he had a seizure in the pharmacy.
19/07/2021 2 News
The state indemnity scheme will not cover community pharmacy teams that take part in the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme, NHSE&I has confirmed.
16/07/2021 4 News
Councillor Kevin Small: I thank NHSE&I for allowing us to keep our pharmacy
Rowlands’ proposal to merge two of its branches in Swindon, south-west England, has been rejected by NHSE&I, following a campaign led by the local council.
16/07/2021 1 News
CMA: The cost of one pack of 10mg hydrocortisone tablets rose from 70p in 2008 to £88 by 2016
Auden Mckenzie and Actavis UK (now Accord-UK) increased the price of 10mg and 20mg hydrocortisone tablets by more than 10,000% for almost a decade, a CMA investigation has found.
16/07/2021 8 News
Ms McLaughlin and Mr Slaine outside the MEAAP offices in Ballymena, Northern Ireland
The IMPACTAgewell programme’s success at the C+D Awards 2020 shows the future is bright for integrated care working – especially with community pharmacy's involvement
16/07/2021 0 Features
GPhC: Need "in some sectors for more urgent additional pharmacist independent prescribers"
The GPhC is considering updating its existing independent prescribing (IP) standards, by scrapping the two-year experience requirement to enrol on an IP course.
15/07/2021 5 News
NHS visitor guidance will stay in place in all health services to ensure patients and staff are protected
Patients and staff must continue to wear face coverings in all healthcare settings – including pharmacies – when COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, NHSE&I has said.
15/07/2021 12 News
How can you support patients using the needle and syringe provision service in your pharmacy?
15/07/2021 0 CPD
The Janssen COVID-19 vaccine is now authorised for use in the UK. This article aims to provide a summary of the key information about the vaccine
15/07/2021 0 CPD
Community pharmacies in England administered almost 3 million flu jabs in 2020/21
Boots has opened bookings for its flu jab service about one month earlier than it would normally, as it plans for the “biggest ever flu vaccination season on record”.
15/07/2021 0 News
Pharmacies have until July 28 to express an interest in joining the COVID-19 booster jab programme
All community pharmacies in England, including those with a “low capacity site”, have been invited to express an interest in delivering the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme.
14/07/2021 2 News
A panel of six representatives will investigate if and how racism in pharmacy has changed in a year
Tomorrow (July 15) C+D will host its second annual racism in pharmacy webinar, to discuss what has changed in the past 12 months and what more needs to be done.
14/07/2021 0 News
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and other healthcare bodies have written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging for compulsory mask wearing to stay.
14/07/2021 5 News
Pharmacies can offer advice on self-management or introduce a private service to treat the issues
Earwax removal is no longer offered by most GPs, so patients are increasingly turning to community pharmacies for advice and treatment. C+D considers how to tap into this market
14/07/2021 0 Features
Community pharmacies in Northern Ireland are “well-placed” to deliver COVID-19 booster vaccines later this year as they administered 100,000 vaccinations in just over three months.
14/07/2021 0 News
Dean Dookhan and Narvinder Nandra were suspended from the GPhC register in November 2019
Two pharmacists have been jailed for illegally selling zolpidem pills worth an estimated black-market value of £600,000, the MHRA has announced.
13/07/2021 2 News
Six in 10 respondents to C+D's survey reported verbal racist abuse from patients
The majority of pharmacy workers from a black or minority ethnic (BAME) background have experienced racial abuse from patients in the past six months, a C+D survey has revealed.
13/07/2021 0 News
Professor Anderson hopes to make the RPS seen as essential by "everyone who uses medicines"
Claire Anderson has been elected as the new Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) president, the pharmacy profession body has announced.
13/07/2021 1 News
Bramox (midodrine hydrochloride), which can be used to treat severe low blood pressure in adults, is now available in 10mg tablets, manufacturer Brancaster Pharma has announced.
13/07/2021 0 News
Mike Dent: The government may still take a payment on October 1, but it may be a lot less than a sixth
PSNC is looking at “other ways” to support contractors who may face cashflow issues at the beginning of next year after repaying part of the £370 million advance funding.
12/07/2021 0 News
For community pharmacies to be an effective part of a health service, they need to be paid for the value they provide patients, not just medicine they dispense, says Sónia Queirós.
12/07/2021 0 Views
Respondents to the survey reported experiencing verbal, written and physical racism
More than two thirds of pharmacy workers from a Pakistani background have suffered racial abuse from a colleague in the past six months, a C+D survey has revealed.
12/07/2021 0 News
Some changes to Pharmacy Collect “will be introduced later in the summer”
There have not been any discussions yet around charging patients for the lateral flow test kits supplied via the Pharmacy Collect service, PSNC has said following media reports.
09/07/2021 0 News
Simon Dukes: "Our sector cannot stomach any more financial cuts"
The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee chief has implored contractors to claim for all their COVID-19 costs or face paying for the pandemic on the Treasury’s behalf.
09/07/2021 4 News
Well pharmacy teams will respect customers who may decide not to wear face masks once COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, the multiple has told C+D.
09/07/2021 20 News
Each ICS will appoint a single professional lead for pharmacy and medicines
Primary care as a whole, not just community pharmacy, can influence ICSs’ strategy and clinical priorities, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has said.
09/07/2021 4 News
Kate Grant: "I just wanted to give something back to ladies who I knew had struggled"
Dispenser Kate Grant won Staff Member of the Year at the C+D Awards 2020 for her work in a women’s refuge, as well as helping the homeless and supporting patients to quit smoking
09/07/2021 1 Features
Thorrun Govind: As a profession, we often face disparaging comments
The RPS has proposed a roundtable with the RCGP and other royal colleges to discuss how different primary care sectors can work together post COVID-19.
08/07/2021 14 News
Winning entries are tailored to their category, and give specific examples of success
Former C+D Award winners and judges share the secrets to writing a brilliant awards entry
08/07/2021 0 Features
Mental health first aid courses aim to encourage open conversation and breakdown stigma
Having just completed a mental health first aid adult course, Babir Malik tells C+D about his experience of becoming a mental health first aider
08/07/2021 0 Features