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C+D spoke to Asha Fowells, pharmacist and freelance writer, about ways pharmacy teams can look after their health at home during the COVID-19 outbreak
26/03/2020 0 CPD
Pharmacy teams are under strain during the COVID-19 crisis, so how can they look after their mental health during this time?
25/03/2020 0 CPD
What is the latest guidance for those who are pregnant that may be in contact with COVID-19 patients?
23/03/2020 0 CPD
What are the difference in symptoms between cold or flu and COVID-19?
19/03/2020 0 CPD
How and when should you use hand sanitiser and wash your hands to protect yourself against and prevent the spread of COVID-19?
18/03/2020 1 CPD
How pharmacy teams can best support patients during the COVID-19 crisis
17/03/2020 0 CPD
What can you tell concerned patients about preventing the transmission of COVID-19?
12/03/2020 0 CPD
Pharmacists are an important source of advice about the provision of emergency contraception (EC)
12/03/2020 0 CPD
The serious shortage protocol for haloperidol is due to expire on March 23, but do you know what this drug is prescribed for?
12/03/2020 0 CPD
C+D spoke to Ellen Kitetere, urology and gynaecology cancer specialist pharmacist at the Royal Marsden hospital, to learn more about ovarian cancer
05/03/2020 1 CPD