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New legislation for major drug shortages was introduced in 2019. Kristina Fowlie investigates why we need them
05/03/2020 0 CPD
The exact cause of haemorrhoids is unknown, but do you know factors that contribute to the condition?
26/02/2020 0 CPD
Are you familiar with the new Nice guidance for the management of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis?
26/02/2020 0 CPD
How are drugs distributed, metabolised and excreted from the body?
20/02/2020 0 CPD
Find out about recent law changes on cannabis, and how these medicines can interact with others
20/02/2020 0 CPD
Which foods can cause increased or delayed drug absorption?
13/02/2020 0 CPD
What do pharmacists need to know about drug toxicity and what advice should you give patients on spotting the signs and symptoms?
06/02/2020 0 CPD
Can you identify symptoms of sports injuries and refer patients appropriately?
06/02/2020 0 CPD
What advice can you give patients on cold and flu symptom management?
30/01/2020 0 CPD