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Do you know how hypothermia presents, how it is diagnosed and the risk factors for the condition?
11/12/2019 0 CPD
Do you know the best way to measure a child’s body temperature?
10/12/2019 0 CPD
Lung cancer is the third most common form of cancer. But do you know the main causes, red flag symptoms and treatment options?
05/12/2019 0 CPD
COPD treatment is aimed at preventing and controlling symptoms, but do you know the stepwise approach?
28/11/2019 0 CPD
How can pharmacists promote antibiotic awareness?
20/11/2019 0 CPD
Do you know the causes of COPD and how these long-term respiratory conditions are diagnosed?
20/11/2019 0 CPD
Can you differentiate between the different types of cough and determine whether it is self-limiting or should be referred?
14/11/2019 0 CPD
Do you know what standard operating procedure to follow in the event of a methadone spillage?
14/11/2019 0 CPD
Community pharmacy teams are well placed to start a conversation about asthma symptom control and inhaler technique
06/11/2019 0 CPD
A clinical nurse specialist reiterates the importance of good inhaler technique among younger patients
06/11/2019 0 CPD